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Arrogance often mistaken as Confidence

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Let me begin with a question I remember being asked to me often :

Q. : Why I have less friends in Indian Travel & Hospitality Industry even after being there and done all ?

A. : I stay away from arrogance and hence have less number of successful people in my circle from the trade.

Success often is seen accompanied by arrogance and tone of politeness is replaced by the authoritative tone. In the race to project themselves bigger and better than competition, they unknowingly make the customers feel small. Their staff is trained to do exactly as told and asked to leave their brains behind at home, each one is like a robot speaking the voice of management blindfolded in their own sense of pride for God knows what. Remember that line when you as a customer complained about something or tried to question their working: " Sir/Madam it's as per our Management Policy...."

What worries me is that this toxic culture is now being offlate entered even in institutions from where the future staffers are getting educated. Yes you read it right , I called it #toxicculture

"Stop justifying 'some level of arrogance' as a 'manifestation of confidence'." - Vineet Mohan.

"Confidence is a powerful, positive thing, but only when it’s tempered by a healthy dose of humility." - Ted Rubin.

Arrogance is self-centered and distances you from others whereby confidence will strengthen your bond and help build trust. Yes it is often said the other way round that confidence at workplace shouldn't be taken as arrogance ; I say : same way arrogance too can't be mistaken as a confidence in business.

#Disclaimer : Above content is completely based on personal expereince and shouldn't be taken as a generic reflection of the industry as a whole. Author further aims that this article to be an eye opener and not to be taken as a critic-peace.

Confidence at workplace : Understand the difference and be a better professional.

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