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  • What is FASTTalks ?
    FAST stands for Fashion Activism and Sustainable Tourism, the two basic aspects around which the community platform evolves around. So if you think you have the same interest then you can surely connect with us to contribute. Our official website is and it is owned and managed by Fast Media and Consulting.
  • FASTTalks is a local or a global organisation?
    FASTTalks currently is focussing on global expansion but currently operating strongly in INDIAN SUBCONTINENT first. We are in the process of multiple partnerships and associations categorised in Partnership tab under Activities on our online platform ( We define ourselves as activists working for a global cause locally.
  • How do I connect with FASTTalks?
    You can simply write to us on with your query. To know various ways you can associate with us please visit the activities section on our website and go through various categories which may suit you to be in our Community.For individuals and students currently we have a volunteer program, kindly visit the certification page.
  • Do I have to donate to become a member of FASTTalks community?
    Donations/Contributions are voluntary and we donot insist for the same, although every contribution actually goes in building and strengthening the FAST community and its platform. Currently we aim to earn thru Voluntary Contributions, Talks-Shows, Event Tickets Selling, Event Host Sponsorships and Merchandise Selling.
  • Can I become a HOST or a Speaker at FASTTalks event ?
    Yes! you can and its absolutely welcoming right now. To become a HOST you need to share your location and approx number of people wh would gather fr the event. Every event you organise is a paid event and their is a revenue sharing model we work with the local HOST? Event must be registered and approved by FAST before it is announced. To become a Panelist SPEAKER you need to get the topic and share your profile with us first. If it matches any of our current requirements we will write back to you with the registration form. You can write to us on speaker[at]
  • I am a Blogger how can I publish my article on FASTTalks platform ?
    Currently we invite fashion bloggers and travel writers to contribute in our blog section.You can follow the following 3 steps to be publish your writings with us : 1.Visit the page on and create your own login. 2. After creating a login share your CV with us on pendown[at] for approval as a blog writer. 3. Once approved login and create your own profile page and submit your first article.
  • Do my articles get edited or approved each time?
    Well at FAST unlike other publishing platforms, we believe in freedom of speech, so once you finish your article, have created hastags, posted an image and hit publish button your article goes live in 30 seconds. We do have some norms of submission and guidelines which is shared once your profile is approved.
  • What is Goods and Service Tax (GST) ?
    GST is a comprehensive indirect tax levied on all transaction of goods and services throughout India. GST will be levied on the fees charged by FASTTalks to their customers, and not on the purchase amounts, whereever applicable.
  • How is GST calculated?
    GST is calculated at 18% of the fee charged by FASTTalks for its consultation services. It is not charged on the total value of the transaction.
  • How do I partner with FASTTalks?
    We are open for new profitable partnerships and mutually beneficial collaborations. For more details kindly visit our partnership page.
  • What is the difference between a consultant, a mentor, and a Coach?
    Consultants help address strategic challenges and provide solutions, while coaches help individuals and teams develop skills, insights, and strengths for further success. A mentor on the other hand is a combination of both. He is an experienced professional who provides guidance, advice, and support to develop an individual's knowledge and skills. He/she typically has specialized knowledge in a particular field and offers guidance to help their mentees in their personal and professional development, career advancement, and decision-making.
  • What industries or businesses do we specialize in?
    Although we started with only 02 sectors viz. Fashion and Tourism but now, we at FASTTalks, specialize in providing consulting services to a wide range of industries, including fintech, edtech, AI-driven businesses, retail and ecom, and renewable energy. Our goal is to assist our clients in achieving their objectives, whether it be through strategic planning, regulatory compliance, or operational improvement.
  • How FASTTalks consultancy services help startups to grow?
    Our focus is on providing customized solutions tailored to the unique needs and requirements of each client we serve. We work collaboratively with our clients to gain a deep understanding of their business objectives and challenges and provide strategic recommendations and implementation support to help them achieve sustainable growth. Whether you are looking to improve operational efficiency, accelerate revenue growth, or enhance your digital strategy, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you succeed. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you achieve your business goals.
  • How do I engage you?
    To get us on board with your journey, all you need to do is issue a signed purchase order specifying the budget of the retainer fee you intend to offer. We are open to working on an hourly basis also instead of signing a specific yearly management contract.
  • What is an Externship?
    In the same vein as an internship, an externship is a short-term professional learning experience. Rather than completing tasks, externs shadow professionals to gain more knowledge. The structure of an externship is less formal than that of an internship. Typically, externs do not receive any compensation.
  • What is the duration of an Externship?
    An externship duration is calculated in hours and not days. It is a flexible on timings and can be undertaken along with your college based on your own available timings. Generally, such programs at FASTTalks vary from 40-80 hours for each student.
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