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To live sustainably without major disruption to planetary systems, we would surely require a reduction in our carbon footprint to 4 tons per person by 2030 and 1.5 tons per person by 2050. These short stories are just a small step towards this goal, take a moment to read, get inspired, and help yourself to reduce your human footprint on this Planet.


"Sustainable Tourism is not a concept, it is a way of life." - Vineet Mohan - FAST Activist  

Story #1

In my recent business trip to Singapore I didn't order turtle egg soup in dinner as I avoided tuna fish sandwich while in SFO.

Story #2

In my last holiday to Rajasthan during my stay at hotels, I took short showers,reused my towel/bed-linen and even unplugged my mobile charger in the night.

Story #3

I finished my meeting early in Delhi,took a Airport metro instead of a cab,en-route did my web-check in,my last minute shopping - a cookie box and chocolates, well managed in handbag and avoided the paper bag.

Story #4

I enjoyed my last Dubai trip where I preferred to book a Big Bus Tour and got a free entry ticket to Dubai Museum and the interesting Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House. 

Story #5

I love reading and books are my best friend but while travelling this time I left all my friends behind and carried Kindle.My handbag was lighter than ever before.

Story #6

On my last day in Delhi I bought a Chanderi Saree for my mother from Hand-loom House, got a chance to take a selfie with the weaver and shared the picture with him.

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