We at FAST specialize into developing merchandise collection which depicts, represents or hold values for a specific idea, ethnic group, community or even a mass belief. After all, for us, Activism is not just anger or loud shouts on the streets, its a merchandise line.


When you buy a FAST merchandise line, you not only support our causes worked around FASHION ACTIVISM or SUSTAINABLE TOURISM but also contribute to a local community of artists at large.


We specialize in concept merchandise on a topic/subject you/we believe in. We have done a lot of one-liners and taglines over multiple merchandises for NGOs/Corporate/Govt Depts/Individuals etc. Our merchandise line includes T-Shirts | CoffeeMugs|Travel accessories and customized local flavor handicraft merchandise items.


To share about yourself and let us infuse a new life in your idea/brand/product line just write to us on fasttalks[at]outlook[dot]com and we will develop a merchandise series for you which is a great thought-provoking product you will be proud of.


Come lets' show the World what we got.