Welcome to FASTTalks! We intend to have a series of thought-provoking sessions which will derive a new you and help you explore avenues to contribute towards the PLANET which silently has been taking care of us with all our good and bad deeds. Currently, we are focused and not covering all related subjects but as our name suggests we talk on varied heart touching issues which revolve around two topics broadly: FASHION ACTIVISM & SUSTAINABLE TOURISM.


We are open for invites @ small venues, corporate houses, institutions or a community gathering to speak on a subject which may not change your life but surely will change the way you live. You just need to spend a minimum of 18 minutes with us before you begin to put forth your brain behind the FASTTalks you just attended. For us, there is nothing more enigmatic and energetic than joining people around and work for a change in a form which at times is more joyful than a night long weekend party.


So if this is your field and if you would like to be a part of it as a speaker, or simply attend it just subscribe our news feed and click on join us. To nominate someone or self as a SPEAKER, kindly send in your profile to :


speaker[at]fasttalks[dot]in | fasttalks[at]outlook[dot]com


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