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Welcome to FAST Certifications. This is currently open to independent volunteers, and students who would like to join the FAST Community to work around as a FASHION &/or SUSTAINABLE TOURISM Activist.

Every person who is certified needs to undergo an online pledge and show some vigor to work on some related/assigned project which leads him/her to qualify for a FAST Certification. After you receive the certification you will be known as an F.F.A (FAST FELLOW ACTIVIST) who will keep working in their respective regions to facilitate FAST events.

You can be present anywhere in the world and not necessarily have to be locally present as through Skype you need to contribute at least 5 hrs a week commitment. 


Soon we will offer many other certification courses for students interested in social entrepreneurship or for existing startups in the fashion or tourism industry to join the activism brigade and be a FAST Community member. 

So take the first step towards it by clicking on Register today. You can write to us also for more details on fasttalks[at]outlook[dot]com

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