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The adobe of clouds.

“Everyday is a journey, and the journey itself is home”

One of the seven sister states of Northeast India, Nicknamed as Scotland of the east my British Imperials. Has one of the most scenic beauty India has to offer. With great temperature and the biodiversity in flora and fauna makes is a great travel destination throughout the year. For bagpackers and family travelers alike. The state is accessible only by road or via air. So, you will need to take a cab or bus from Guwahati to get to Meghalaya or book a flight to Shilliong the capital city of the state. I suggest you take the road during day if your concern is to watch the landscapes and have a pit stop at the lap of nature along the way. I suggest travelers to start at Shillong and stay there and enjoy the local market and local cuisines and check out Wankhar Entomology Museum, Don Bosco Museum other attraction around.

What more to see:

Living Root bridge

Other places to visit would be Cherrapunji which is around 55kms away from Shilliong and can be accessed by sharing cabs or bus the place is famous for its Double Decker living root bridge, Nohkalikai falls, Mawkdok Dympep valley, Mwasami Cave. If your travel align with the visit you can visit the weekly local market of Cherrapunji.

Stay the night at the cleanest village of India Mawlynnong which is around 25kms away from Cherrapunji-Shillong highway and visit places like Nohwet viewpoint then head to Borhills falls and to the famous Balancing rock of Mawlynnong.

Crystal clear river of DAWKI

Visit Dawki and witness the rustic boats floating in clear water in Photoshop of Meghalaya, I recommend you to access it from Mawlynnong and stop at Krang-suri to visit the famous Krang-suri falls. You can see the plains of Bangladesh on the other side while travelling to Dawki.

Foods to eat:

Both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian options are widely available at Meghalaya but I will recommend you to always keep foods in handy, fruits are in plenty at the local market. If you are adventurous in eating habits, you must try dishes like. Jadoh, Doh-Khlieh, Nakham Bitchi, Pumaloi Doh-Neiiong there are plenty more dishes to discover. I recommend you eat locally for authentic food experience.

Other things to remember:

Being a state with English as official language you will be able to get around with ease but in some remote places where people don’t speak neither English nor Hindi use sign language to cut the barrier, people are kind usually helps. People at Meghalaya takes their holiday seriously so expect to see shops and business establishment to be closed on Sundays. Kwai a local betel nut should be a must try in your list to.

Go discover Meghalaya a place with culture like no other, May be you will settle down while trying to just pay a visit.

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