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Kolkata: Durga Puja, Street food and a bit more.

Victoria Memorial

“It’s not the destination where you end up but the mishaps and memory you create along the way”

A perfect mix between history and modernization, a place so mesmerizing that it can drift you away from reality. Known for its rich culture, food, historical monuments and festival. A must visit destination for someone seeking for some adventure in life. Although you can visit the city around the year to discover try to align your visit to the city with Durga Puja to find the best things the city has to offer. Filled with pre independence architecture, tram line, street food and beverage stalls, temples and monuments the city have lot more to contain in an article.

How to get around:

Being the third largest city in India it sometimes get chaotic and scary if you are travelling for the first time in the city but getting around it pretty easy hop into pre-paid yellow cabs or Auto Rickshaw, take the bus, metro connectivity is pretty good too, you can take the tram for journey through the colonial era in some parts of Kolkata, in time if your adrenaline kicks and you want to do it the local way try local train to get around. Although I suggest you to try local transports playing it safe with Uber won’t kill the experience.

Places to visit:

A city filled with Monuments, Skylines, Historic Architectures, Temples, Market places, Amusement Parks, Libraries and Museums. Some key places to visit while in Kolkata would be Tagore’s Home New Market, Mother Teresa Home, Kalighat Temple, Howra bridge, Victoria Memorial, Fort William, Marble Palace, St Paul Cathedral, Nakhoda Mosque, Indian Museum, Prinsep Ghat, Belur Math, Eden Garden, State Archeological Gallary, Mother’s Wax Museum, Eco Park, Collage Square, Esplanade and the famous Indian Coffee House and forgetting looking for next best book to read at Collage Street. This are just the tip that this rich city has to offer.

Where to eat:

Kolkata is called city of Joy for a reason, from wide variety of food to eat and discover, Kolkata is a foodie heaven. From huge selection to eat in street to its lusty desserts, the food culture at Kolkata is never ending. And when it comes to eat at Kolkata the Street feeds the best. A trip to Kolkata is incomplete without a visit at Teritty Bazar (Kolkata’s little China Town) a place that serves authentic Hakka dishes, the market comes to life at 6 A.M and serves until 9 A.M, visit the Hap Hing Co, a Chinese provisional opened in 1934 a place that sells Chines style homemade sauces, noodles and other products. Visit places like Dacre Lane, Burrabazzar, Lord’s More and Park street to discover the street food city has to offer and don’t forget to visit Vivekananda Park for the best Puchka in town. Bengal is known for its Fish and its Sweets. From different types of fish curry to choose from and other sides to never ending selection of desserts Kolkata has lot to offer. Try authentic Bengali Cuisine at places like 6 Ballygunge Place, Oh! Calcutta, Kewpie's Kitchen.

The city will never fall short to wow you.

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