5 Simple Tips To Make The Most Out Of Any Travel Plan

“Work, Travel, Save…………………………………….…. Repeat”

Kempegowda airport Runway, Bangalore

No travel no matter how patiently planned may turn out to be lousy. So I bring to you the 5 golden rules to follow to make the most out of your long-awaited trips.

1. Be Extrovert Talking to new people don’t only makes you modest but also can help you know the place better, find the hottest thing happening nearby, find the places to see that are yet to be listed in any travel website and the most important thing it can help you make friends for life and give you a new dimensions to look at the place from.

2. Be Spontaneous We tend to regret more about things we didn’t do than the things we did, so I always believe in being spontaneous, I do make charts and plan the travel ahead for Hotel reservations but I go with no plans for what to see, I let the place surprise me and I never regretted it once. I believe you should try it once too.

3. Don’t rely too much on reviews Coming from someone who relied heavily on reviews online and had some bad experience out of it, don’t rely too much on it. Well, I am not telling you not to read reviews online at all, it really helps to do some forehand check google places, trip advisors and sites like that but also try to find a few on your journey. You will have a really amazing time.

4. Eat the street Eating a meal or two at a chain won’t hurt if you are carving for some familiar flavors but eating local comes with two big advantages. (i) It goes easy on your pockets and adds some interesting color to your journey. (ii) It widens your pallet to a different level and gets to know about the place better. Always ask the Locals about the places to eat. When it comes to places, Locals knows the best.

Well, that brings us to the last point.

5. Study Being a country with over 100 languages that change from village to village. And English nor Hindi might work at a remote destination so I suggest you pick up a few phrases before your travel and it will be of great help. The new place might have totally different food culture then you are used to, so learning a little about would be useful. Try to be kind to everyone, being kind gets things done, you might be lucky enough to get invited over for food. Hospitability and Culture are what we are known for.

Keep these points in mind and have a memorable journey ahead.

Photo Courtesy: Pixapay.com

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