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Nagaland: A land of food, festivals and Instagram ready landscapes.

Located at Northeastern part of India about 2400 km away from the capital, lies a beautiful state with luscious forests, some amazing mountains, valleys and rivers and great cultural and upbeat festivals. A cosmopolitan where you can find people from all over India living together as a family. The festivals in here starts with the new calendar and don’t stop until the fall. One can visit the Night Market of Dimapur during the month of January, November or end of December to experience the local as well as the other delicacies from around the globe food is cheap but spot on and don’t miss to sip on the home brewed rice beer while visiting Night Market at Dimapur. Hornbill is another great festival to witness when in Nagaland it starts on the month of December from date 1, hosted by the capital city Kohima it’s a 10 days festival where you can witness Rock festival performed by artists from around the world, cultural dance and other events but the cherry on top is the food at Hornbill. Locals sells authentic local delicacy’s in their respective machang, do try to eat at least 1 dish from every machang you won’t regret. And don’t forget to sip on locally brewed drinks and alcohol isn’t the only thing you get, Locally pressed Wild Apple juice is great too. And then there is festival like Durga Puja, Diwali, Holi and all the festival in between, best place to eat during those festival is Street Vendors or become friends with someone from Dimapur. Hospitability is what define us, the people of Nagaland. The food in here varies from tribe to tribe and from community to community and district to district but If I have to pick one must try dishes for you it would be Dried Pork with Bamboo shoots. And meat is not all that we eat we have large variety of veg dishes too with our own twist. Come visit us, eat with us and tell them our stories.

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